Fixed Prosthodontics…Bridges to Success!

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When a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing between healthy teeth or between a crowned tooth and a healthy tooth, consider this conservative, easily prepared, and cost efficient permanent bridge. Learn to select cases, prepare anterior/posterior teeth, seat and give post-op instructions. Be informed of the lab science assuring proper manufacture! Consider values for this highly successful bridge, 32 places indicated, vast range of case studies over 37 years and how the gums, teeth and bone LOVE this bridge!




Bonded Bridges Course Installments

Installment 1          Installment 2          Installment 3

Installment 4          Installment 5          Installment 6

Installment 7          Installment 8          Installment 9

 Installment 10       Installment 11         Installment 12


Bonded Bridges Case Studies

Case_Study_1           Case_Study_2            Case_Study_3

Case_Study_4          Case_Study_5            Case_Study_6

Case_Study_7          Case_Study_8            Case_Study_9

Case_Study_10       Case_Study_11            Case_Study_12


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