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Invitation to Join Our 2020 Mission Trip to Guatemala

Please follow this link to the new website for the T. Bob Mission Trip. We look forward to the continuation of providing aid to those in need. *All new documentation must be submitted on the new website.

Dr. T. Bob DavisDear Dental Mission Volunteer:

As the founder and leader of annual dental mission trips to Central America since 1977, I would like to invite you to apply to join our next dental mission trip to Guatemala during Spring Break 2020.

Did you join us for our previous dental mission trips to Mexico, Nicaragua or Guatemala during Spring Break?  If so, you know how rewarding it was to bring dental care and spiritual encouragement to those most in need.  If not, please consider joining us this year for the experience of a lifetime.

We are returning to Guatemala this Spring Break (March 13/14 – 21, 2020)…start fundraising now!
We are inviting students from Texas A&M and UT Houston and perhaps a few other schools.  I am in great hopes that we can put together a team of 100 to complete the assignment God laid on my heart in 2010 while visiting this site and having been there for 9 years now.

Please pray as you are reading this and then consider what God would have you do.

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Our Vision and Mission Goals for This Trip

Vision: Create an experience that is compelling for dental personnel to learn about and become short-term dental missionaries.

Mission: To involve as many dentists, dental students, pre-dental students, hygienists, hygiene students, assistants, techs and translators as God provides each year on the trip.


  • To gather equipment and supplies yearly that complement the needs for the Mission;
  • To plan efficiently and effectively for the team members to know of and choose to participate in the Mission;
  • To prepare for the safety, health, timeliness, and environment of cadre;
  • To combine dental volunteerism with spiritual mentoring;
  • To make a memory of a lifetime for all involved in any way.

Our Plan

I trust you realize that such a mission is what we were really created for and have already been called to do as Christians, were given a dental license for, and have grown up into His likeness for.

I am aware that practicing dentists are already scheduling recall appointments for March and need to set aside the week for the trip.  And dental students are already thinking about spring break and what they can do then.  Many of you will need to find some financial resources to help with this venture.  It is no different than any church group going on the mission field for short-term missions – it is bigger than yourself.  Do not hesitate to ask for others to join in with you since you have helped so many others go on their trip.  Now it is time for you to offer the professional gift that no others possess to impact the world for Christ, in YOUR time.

The Houston Group will fly United Airlines to Guatemala at 7:45 pm departure time on Friday evening.  Dallas Group will fly American Airlines to Guatemala departing 4:25 pm Friday Afternoon. Saturday will include the set up of the dental clinic for exams, prophys, x-rays, fillings, extractions, oral health motivation, fluoride and a few other surprise treatments we always get to perform that God has awaiting us.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday will be our clinic time with an R & R Wednesday and returning home on Saturday.  I am acutely aware of your urgent desire to keep costs to the bare bone minimum and will assure you we have always done that.  Since airline flights are the biggest cost in our mission, be sure to purchase your tickets early to keep your cost as low as possible. Make your decision NOW, in order to reduce the cost of all other expenses of the trip. Check application for flight options.


[2020 NOTICE: Fly in Friday evening or Saturday Morning.
Update: The new small 2 person rooms for lodging will be available opening up more opportunities for couples & family members (and C pap users/snorers/early-to-bed & early-to-risers/old-old folk & light sleepers–HA!)]


Our NeedsEverybody

Here are the personnel needs:   15 dentists, 50 dental students, 5 hygienists, 10 dental hygiene students, 5 assistants, and 5 pre-dents –  plus any translators, spouses, children of teammates or friends of the mission’s family!!!!! Our target number is 100 dental health professionals and students.  Pray for that!!  I know we can do it with 100.

Will you consider joining us for this literal crusade of health and spiritual impact?  Please respond with an email to as to your availability and interest level so that I can begin the detailed planning for equipment and supplies necessary to be available when we arrive.  That is no small feat and I know you understand the mammoth task it is now to take such things across international borders, fly on planes, and purchase in that country.  I am up to the task of providing for your experience! Now, will you agree to join us to donate your heart and hands to the effort?

You can help by encouraging your own staff, friends, or classmates to join us.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

T. Bob Davis, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Fellow Academy of General Dentistry, Master Academy of General Dentistry, Fellow of the American College of Dentists, Fellow International College of Dentists, Fellow Academy of Dentistry International, Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy. 2018 American Dental Association Humanitarian Award.


[2020 NOTICE:
We require each new applicant to notify me of your interest by submitting by email a Cover Letter attachment with the 4 signed documents plus passport photo.
This cover letter would include your name, brief description of yourself, brief description of how you heard about the trip, and brief explanation of why you are going.]

For Returning Teammates, please note new option: 
You will ONLY need to resubmit TWO Preliminary documents
1. Travel Release Form
2. Cell phone/photocopy of Passport

In addition, you only need to notify Dr. Davis of changes in the following list
1. Passport information (issue date, exp. date)
2. Any Address Change
3. Phone Number (Home, Cell, Work)
4. Emergency Contact Information (Phone #, email, address)
5. Beneficiary Contact Information (Phone #, email, address)
6. Any Medication Change
7. Dietary Restrictions/Allergies

This is only acceptable up to Early Sign-ups by Thanksgiving, beyond then you will have to apply the old fashion way of filling out the total application. 😀

First…Preliminary Documents:

(1) Cover Sheet, (1) Signed Code of Conduct Agreement, (1) Signed Acknowledgement of Truths and Purposes Held by This Mission, (1) Signed Fundraising Contract, (1) Signed Travel Release Form, and cell phone photocopy of passport. Simply download the PDFs, open and electronically sign using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Save and email to


Upon receipt of those papers, I will notify you of your acceptance to be a part of the team.

Third…Online Application:

Once accepted on the team, proceed to fill out the required personal information online application using the “APPLY NOW” button below. Fill it out accurately and completely. Please note, the online form will not let you skip a required question/answer. The “Apply Now” shown below is a Google Docs form that populates all your info into an Excel spreadsheet from which we will develop over 25 lists and documents that facilitate a smooth functional trip. We know it’s a hassle but WOW, it answers ALL our questions without having to guess.

Fourth…Flight Details:

Fourth, Once the application is submitted, then you should purchase your airline ticket. For all who are able to use the group fares, you will only have to pay that roundtrip amount using the VENMO Button below. By so doing Dr. Davis will automatically put you in that group and later notify you and everyone in the group. Should you not be able to use the group fare, you must gain prior approval from Dr. Davis to arrive or leave on other flights/time. Safety, individual land travel, odd hours pickup/drop off increases costs for all. After his approval, you may please make your flight arrangements and forward ALL the airline documents you receive to Dr. Davis entirely. This allows him to know when to pick up and to return you and what the details of the flight may be should delays or cancellations occur. Your cost of the ticket helps us predict next year’s flight costs in advance for prospective teammates.

Fifth, Pay expenses through Venmo link below.

Flight Details: (Projected based on 2019)

  • Note: These flights and times are estimated on the 2019 costs & times. Subject to change by American Airlines (DFW) and United Airlines (Houston) when 2020 flight schedules are posted
    • DFW (American Airline)
      • : Dallas (DFW) to Guatemala City (GUA) Friday, March 13th 
        American Airlines Flight #1013, 4:46pm –> 7:04pm (Arrival GUA)
        Return: Guatemala City (GUA) to Dallas (DFW) Saturday, March 21st
        American Airlines Flight #1025 12:28pm –> 5:12pm (Back in Dallas)
      • Departure: Dallas (DFW) to Guatemala City (GUA) Saturday, March 14th
        American Airlines Flight #1025, 9:06am –> 11:32am (Arrival GUA)
        Return: Guatemala City (GUA) to Dallas (DFW) Saturday, March 21st
        American Airlines Flight #1025, 12:28pm –> 5:12pm (Back in Dallas)
    • Houston (United Airlines)
      • Departure: Houston (IAH) to Guatemala City (GUA) Friday, March 13th
        United Airlines Flight #1902, 7:48pm –> 9:35pm (Arrival GUA)
        Return: Guatemala City (GUA) to Houston (IAH) Saturday, March 21st
        United Airlines Flight #1903, 12:35pm –> 4:pm (Back in Houston)
      • Departure: Houston (IAH) to Guatemala City (GUA) Saturday, March 14th
        United Airlines Flight #1751, 9:43am –> 11:35am (Arrival GUA)
        Return: Guatemala City (GUA) to Houston (IAH) Saturday, March 21st
        United Airlines Flight #1903, 12:35pm –> 4:36 pm (Back in Houston)

    Dallas Group (American Airlines) Fare per person until Thanksgiving= Friday departure ~$726 & Saturday departure ~$752

    Houston Group (United Airlines) Fare per person until Thanksgiving=  Friday departure ~$798 & Saturday departure ~$762

These are very reasonable fares considering what has been in years past and what is quoted now.  For safety and security, equipment and supplies travel with us, together in buses from the airport to GUA Compound, we fly together on these non-stops. PAY THE AIRFARE ON VENMO TO @TBob-Davis. Pay the EXPENSES separately in a separate payment for the Expenses on VENMO.  DO NOT MIX THOSE, make 2 payments (air/expenses). Please MAKE PAYMENTS BY THE NAME OF THE PERSON SIGNED UP FOR THE TRIP, not parents or friends.  Your payment will assure your being on the correct flight since we will have in your application your birth date and passport number with date of expiration.  So FILL OUT YOUR APPLICATION ONLINE AS YOU PAY YOUR AIR AND EXPENSES- THEY MUST COORDINATE.

[2020 NOTICE: You are required to fly on designated non-stop flights shown above.
Reason: massive problem with numerous trips back and forth to airport and delays pertaining to pick-up/departure times, cost, and safety issues.
Should you not want to use the group fare by reason of using a rewards points program or free tickets you may have, you must still fly on the flights shown above.
Once purchased forward all airline travel documents to Dr. Davis in their entirety.]


[2020 REMINDER: Should your departure locations or times be different due to a prior agreement with Dr. Davis, please purchase only non-stop flights.
If not possible due to your nearest airport location, exercise caution in scheduling connecting flights in shorter time frames than 3 hours due to common delays that will preclude you making the main connection. That has required some to spend overnight in the connecting city.
Most international airlines may cancel flights at will and usually have only one flight a day which may require you a day or two to actually connect.
Once purchased forward all airline travel documents to Dr. Davis in their entirety.]

****You may sign up through December, up to January 18 but after that there is no refund available, fees are different then and airfare will cost more.****

Next, proceed to pay Expenses of the trip via Venmo (link below). This year’s donations and payments will be handled via Venmo. Create an account and send the necessary amount to @TBob-Davis. If you are not sure how much to pay, please refer to the ‘2020 Mission Trip Overview’ in the upper right toolbar on this page. 

To Former Teammates: The new online format eliminates days of translating and transferring submitted data from paper to online forms. It does so by automatically populating a spreadsheet that will include all lists I need to operate the trip efficiently and answer your questions quickly. This will allow the answers to essential questions to be provided at a moment’s notice. Thank you for your cooperation in this need. This will save an immense amount of time for our leaders and eliminate any errors during transfer that require me to chase you down last minute. Again, thank you for understanding! You’re the BEST!


    • $750 for Doctors who have been on at least 4 previous trips as Doctor, Hygienist, Student or Volunteers, when paid by Thanksgiving Day (a 44% reduction).
    • $900 for Doctors, Hygienist, Students, and Volunteers who have been on 1-3 previous trips as Doctor or student, when paid by Thanksgiving Day (a 33% reduction).
    • $975 for Doctors, Hygienist students, spouse, children, hygienists, assistants, and all other personnel who are first timers, if paid by Thanksgiving Day (a 28% reduction).
    • Fees are non-refundable after January 18th, 2020.
    • To ensure the lowest total cost for the trip, an early airline ticket purchase and on-time Thanksgiving Day payment of expenses can save ~20-30% overall.

AFTER APPROVAL by Dr. Davis by email you may now complete the e-application by clicking below.

Brief Summary of Application Process

  1. Preliminary Documents submission to
  2. Approval by Dr. T. Bob Davis via Email
  3. Complete Online Application (Apply Now button below)
  4. Final Approval by Dr. T. Bob Davis via Email
  5. Pay Airfare & Expenses via Check or Venmo


Donate Here!


This year’s donations and payments will be handled via Venmo. Create an account and send the necessary amount to @TBob-Davis. If you are not sure how much to pay, please refer to the ‘2020 Guatemala Application‘ in the upper right toolbar on this page.

Photos from previous trips:

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Click Here for photos from the 2013-2016 Trip to Guatemala

It was wonderful and truly gratifying to glorify God through helping many children in Guatemala. Although I came to this mission trip to help others, I realized that all the people of Guatemala and our team, offered me more than I could ever imagine."–- Bethany

This was my first mission trip and as everyone keeps asking me how my experience was, even though I've said it a million times, I don't think I'll ever get tired of telling our stories - of how God used us for just that one week and how He personally has transformed my heart."–- Belinda

I absolutely loved the trip and think that everyone completely loved it."–- Kelsey

I believe this trip really helped me in my journey of faith and trust in God."–- B