T. Bob’s Bonded Bridges for Patients

What do Bonded Bridges look like?


Value of Bonded Bridges

  • Value in the dictionary means to think highly of, desirable, useful, to prize, to place an estimate of worth.
  • Values are a private set of understandings our patients enjoy and we must respect their values.
  • Value may be in dollars and cents, may be in esthetics and looks, may be in feelings and concepts, or may be in longevity.

    Saves you $$$

    Creates a Beautiful Smile

    Considers your Feelings= Free of Pain

    Saves you Time

    Keeping Teeth for a Lifetime=Longest Lasting

    Allows for a Healthy Lifestyle

Are bonded bridges right for you? [Download PDF]

Bonded Bridges Do’s & Dont’s

  • No popcorn, uncooked kernels (Corn Nuts), ice.Picture20
  • No hard nor extremely sticky candy/mints.
  • Anterior BondedB’s: No BBQ ribs/apples/corn on the cob, DO NOT OPEN COKE BOTTLES, plastic bags or bite on pencils.
  • Please eat normal foods and chew normally.
  • All drinks are okay.
  • Stains are polished off at hygiene appointments.
  • If you are a bruxer (clincher or grinder) you must wear a Nightguard or Dayguard!