Additional Supplies

For Donation

Ask for the following from your own dentist, supply rep, school supply room (they have been generous with students in the past) or friends who want to encourage your team! The instruments and equipment ideally are things that do not need to be returned – we can leave there for future trips. We will not bring supplies back! True DONATIONS – not your stuff. However, some of the doctors bring complete units/set-ups for their use. These following items are just for you to ask – NOT REQUIRED for you to go – just to supplement what we already have there and have rented to carry with us. Out-of-Date supplies are not accepted through Guatemala customs.


Head-light, mouth mirrors, explorers, cotton rolls, gauze, gloves, masks, glasses, sterilization liquid, anesthetic carpules, syringes (intraligamentary and standard), needles, topical, cotton pliers, floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, fluoride varnish, chlorhexidene gluconate, sealant, Spanish translated dental instructions and witnessing literature.

Hand instruments for cleaning:

Anterior scaler, universal scaler, perio probe, mouth mirrors, cotton gauze or rolls. self-curing sealants, battery powered tooth polishing tool, floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, fluoride.

Small filling setup:

Amalgamator, amalgam carrier, amalgam plugger, carver, explorer, mirror, etch, primer/bond, curing light, bonding composite (self-curing), miracle mix, IRM, glass ionomer, matrix bands, wedges, flowable composite, formocreosol, mixing pad, spatula, placement instruments.

For portable units:

Slow speed (4 hole) and high speed (4 hole) handpieces, burs (friction grip and latch), bur changer, polishing wheels, suction tips, air/water tips, prophy angle, prophy cups, brushes, paste.

Extraction instruments:

Left and right posterior forceps (upper and lower), anterior forceps (upper and lower), bicuspid forceps upper and lower, hemostat and sutures, deans scissors, root picks, curettes, hemodent, blood pressure cuff and bell.